Rental Cars

We often suggest More 4 Less car rental in Aruba.   We have had many guests rent from them with positive experiences.    They are located just off the airport but will meet you at the airport and shuttle you over.    There are also all the popular big car rental companies at the airport (Budget, Hertz, etc)



Beginner/Intermediate swimmers can start at Boca Catalina just a few steps from Arashi.  Some of our homes provide snorkel gear for your use.    You can swim to the same place the northern snorkel tours go but get there easily from shore.  Advanced swimmers can also try Mango Alto/Spanish Lagoon. This is located on the other side of the airport near the Balashi brewery.   Once you get there you swim straight out to the yellow bouy then head to the left (south/east) against the slight current.   Return back the same route.   The water here is usually quite clear.   We have spotted sea turtles, plenty of trumpet fish, file fish, rainbow fish, etc.    If want an organized sail to this area we have used Tranquilo Aruba.  The boat holds about 15 people and provides lunch and drinks.   Great snorkel and sail experience.

ATV Tours or Rentals

A lot of our guests really enjoy exploring the rough side of the island and national park on ATVs.   You can take a guided tour or just rent the ATVs and go where ever you desire.   Visit Dos Playas and the natural pool on your adventure.   You can start at the north end of the island by the lighthouse and ride the entire coast to Baby Beach on the south tip.    You can rent from a couple different companies.   We used Justin's last trip to Aruba and had a great time.

Skydive Aruba

Go for a skydive over Aruba.   Located just across from the Ritz Carlton.   Take a 20 minute plane ride to 10,000 feet then jump out of a perfectly good plane.

Deep Sea Fishing - Ola Sport Fishing

We have had many guests go sport fishing in Aruba and one charter kept coming up as a recommendation.   The Ola and captain Mike.   He departs from Oranjestad.    His website is: