Why Aruba? Perfect Weather & Amazing Beaches!

One Happy Island...explore Aruba!

Aruba has one of the highest return rates for visitors in the Caribbean. Why? It’s arid climate almost guarantees you great weather. The forecast remains virtually unchanged for the entire year with the highs in the upper 80’s, sunny with a pleasant breeze. The Aruban beaches are pristine with soft white sand and turquoise waters that are also about 80 degrees. The water clarity is superb. It’s one of the few islands located outside the hurricane belt. While the beaches are amazing, there are many activities and places to explore in Aruba. Water adventures such as sea bobs, jet skis, kite boarding, sail boarding, jetskiing, sailing tours, deep sea fishing, diving and snorkeling. Rent a Jeep and explore the large national park on the windward side of the island. Enjoy the shops and restaurants in Palm Beach or downtown Oranjestad. You can even skydive. If you enjoy sun and sand then Aruba is the place for you it truly is One Happy Island.

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